Creatives often lack the budget for large, expensive marketing and public relations campaigns. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t generate buzz for your creative initiative or venture. Here are three ways you can promote your project without breaking the bank.

1. Be selective. When you’re promoting your own project, it can be tempting to contact as many journalists as possible. This approach is not only expensive, but it can also waste your time. It’s much more effective to concentrate your efforts on selected, high value media targets. Who are your target audiences, and what media do they consume? Research media platforms and generate a list of all those most relevant for your project and audience. Find key information on each media platform, including its audience demographics and circulation figures - targeting those with the highest circulation will maximise your potential for promotion.

2. Deliver value. Now that you have a media list, you need to create tailored pitches, aiming to deliver value to each unique platform and its audience. Ask yourself, “Why should the readers of this magazine care about my project?” Editors and journalists seek to publish stories that inform and inspire their readers. What’s inspirational about your project? What can readers learn from it? Make sure the story you pitch will resonate with a large audience.

3. Build relationships. Strategic connections with the right editors, reporters, and social media  influencers are the foundation of lasting publicity. People who know you and recognise the value you can offer their audience are much more likely to open your emails. When it comes to building such relationships, a systematic approach ensures your networks are always growing. Make relationship-building activities a regular part of your annual promotion plan. Send a unique, personalised email, then follow-up with a call to find out how you might help meet their editorial needs. You can even add them to your e-newsletter list and connect with them on social media, particularly on Twitter and LinkedIn. Above all, endeavour to be genuine and helpful to ensure a lasting connection.